How greenlist works

Greenlist enables peer-to-peer returns. Greenlist returns skip the trip back to the store or warehouse and are shipped directly from one customer to another.

1: Violet greenlists a jacket she’s willing to buy as a return. 

Why? Greenlist allows Violet to shop more sustainably, to get a discount, or to get access to sold out styles. After greenlisting an item, we send Violet an email confirmation and link to her portal, where she can see and manage her merchandise. Violet’s greenlist has the items she would like to buy as returns from another shopper, with confidence that they will be good as new.

Step 2: Millie returns the same jacket, and greenlist finds a match!

When Millie initiates the return on the retailer’s site, our technology checks if anyone has greenlisted the jacket. We find Violet! Millie learns that her item is going directly to another shopper.


Step 3: Millie ships her return to Violet

Millie carefully packs the perfect, still-new jacket and prints a shipping label. When USPS scans the package, Violet gets a notification that her item is on the way, with tracking information.


Step 4: Violet gets her jacket! 

Millie and Violet feel great about shopping retailers who have partnered with greenlist, the most sustainable approach to returns!


Greenlist FAQ

Q: How long does it take for my Greenlist item to arrive?

When a match is made, we ask shoppers to send merchandise out within 3 days. We use USPS Priority Mail for shipping, so you’ll receive your greenlist item within a few business days of the tracking going live.


Q: Am I buying from Greenlist or from the retailer?

You are purchasing from Greenlist, in partnership with the retailer.  The biggest difference is where your product is coming from (and of course the positive impact you’re having on the environment!), so your credit card will be charged by Greenlist.


Q: I live outside the US.  Can I still sign up for Greenlist?

Right now the service is available just for US customers, but stay tuned!  We have big plans for making fashion more sustainable for people everywhere. 


Q: Is there any kind of incentive or discount for Greenlisting?

Yes!  While we’re developing our loyalty program, check with our network of retailers to see what they offer.  Each retailer offers a unique incentive, like a promotion or priority access to new products, that’s both sustainable to the environment and their business. 


Q: Can I make edits to what’s on my Greenlist?

Absolutely.  We know that things (and tastes) change, and you may decide that you no longer want something.  You can remove an item from your Greenlist or even change the size or color selection at any time by logging into your Greenlist account page.


Q: Do you use “green” practices for shipping Greenlist items to me?

Great question! We reduce the number of shipments and the overall shipping distance with our process, reducing emissions and packaging usage. We are constantly seeking ways to make our business as sustainable as possible, including partnering with sustainable retailers and logistics companies. If you have suggestions for how to make returns even more sustainable, we’d love to hear from you at!


Q: What if my Greenlist item arrives damaged?

Just let us know by sending a photo and a note to, and we’ll refund your purchase. We’ll also provide instructions on what to do with the damaged item. Depending on the specific issue, this may be through our network of recyclers, or through donation.


Q: What if the shipper sends the wrong item, or the item is missing from the shipment?

Just let us know by sending a photo to, and we’ll refund your purchase. Depending on the specific situation, we may use Greenlist to find a new buyer, and ask you to ship it to them. Failing that, we’ll provide instructions on how to find a new home for the item in the most planet-friendly manner, such as through our network of recyclers or through donation.


Q: What if my Greenlist item doesn’t fit, or I want to return it for another reason?

Let us know if there’s a problem by emailing We’ll use Greenlist to find a new buyer and ask you to ship it to them. Once the new customer confirms receipt of the item, we’ll refund your purchase.

Still have questions?

Contact greenlist or learn more on our website